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4 Ways To Sneak In Some Exercise Into Your Daily Routine

As you should already be well-aware of at this point in time, exercise is of utmost importance in your daily life. In fact, you should be exercising for a minimum of 20 minutes a day in order to stay healthy and fit. It’s not about maintaining or attaining those abs or that dream figure. You should realize by now that staying fit isn’t about attaining a particular goal – it’s a lifestyle. It is something that you should always be striving for so that you can live a long, fulfilling and meaningful life – free from diseases and disorder. At least, that is the theory.

Unfortunately, for many of us, no matter how pumped up you might be to get some exercise in, there is simply no time in our busy schedules to fit in any time for exercise. In fact, our work loads are often so busy that by the time we reach our homes, it’s straight to the shower and off to bed to prepare for another busy work day. For some of us, work extends all the way home in terms of meeting fast approaching deadlines. So how do you fit in any time to exercise amidst your busy schedule? Well, there are ways.

Exercise While Doing Something Else

You CAN fit exercise into your daily schedule if you don’t try to take any exclusive time just to exercise. Remember that the point of exercise is just to get your body moving in a specific way and you don’t really need a room full of different exercise machines such as in a gym environment just to do this. For example, if your workplace isn’t that far away, you can try jogging to work or using a bike. This is good cardio and you can just bring a spare set of clothes so that you don’t show up for work all sweaty.  In fact, just simply walking vigorously from one place to another works wonders.  Need to work on some core training? Try doing some leg lifts from your chair. Your co-workers might find it a bit strange, but you can just claim you’re doing some stretching to get your blood circulating. Actually, you should be doing some stretching every now and then if you work in an office environment. Deep vein thrombosis is a silent but deadly killer.

Workout While Doing Chores

Need to clean up around the house? Do some aerobic stretching while sweeping that floor. Lift those heavy water jugs as you would curl weights inside a gym.  Finished mopping? Try doing some push-ups off of the floor and test just how clean you’ve made it.  Also, don’t forget to wash your car. Make like the Karate Kid and do the whole hand-waving “wax-on, wax-off” routine. Be creative in doing your chores and try to sneak in some workout opportunities and you’ll always have time.

Jumping Jacks Are Amazing

You might think of jumping jacks as something you liked to do as a little kid but is pretty silly for a full-grown adult outside of a gym – well, why? If you need to get your blood pumping, then doing jumping jacks for a minute or so is one of the most effective ways to do it. It’s good cardio that gets your whole body moving. The best part is that you don’t even need a whole lot of space to do it. Think about all those Zumba dance sessions, the real point of those is just to get the body moving. What difference does it make if you do jumping jacks within a one square meter radius?

Use The Stairs

How many floors up do you need to go to in order to reach your apartment? 7 floors up? Why not take the stairs to get there? Going up and down stairs is excellent for the heart.