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Chiropractic Practice Around The World

While chiropractic practice is largely regulated and standardized in the US, not all countries have the same view on what should be considered as appropriate for inclusion in chiropractic practice. In fact, there are many practices in the field of chiropractic that a lot of people here in the US would find strange. In some countries, chiropractic is still largely connected to mysticism and even the belief in magic.

With that said, we took a look at some of the most interesting instances of bizarre or just somewhat interesting chiropractic practice from all around the world.

Unregulated But Effective Chiropractic Work In The Philippines

In the Philippines, both massage and chiropractic practice are heavily linked to Chinese mysticism and the belief in chi or that inner heat/source of energy that revolves all around a person’s body. This is why when you go to get a massage in the Philippines, the therapist you have been assigned to will try to find all the muscle knots in your body and to free the trapped heat and allow it to escape through your head. Believe it or not, you can actually feel heat escaping your head this way – whether this is can be explained by simple anatomy or if it is a product of the inner force called “chi” is really up to you. Regardless, you will find that massage therapists in the Philippines are very efficient at giving you a relaxing, deep tissue massage.

The same process is applied in chiropractic work. The chiropractor may have come from a family of chiropractors with no actual formal training or in recent times, from a vocational school founded by a traditional chiropractor and subsequently sanctioned and licensed through government accreditation. In any case, expect to find some mysticism mixed in with actual sound science whenever you get chiropractic care in the Philippines.

Chinese Chiropractic For Foot Pain

While here in the US, we are used to categorizing reflexology as a whole different practice, in many parts of the world, chiropractic in general is the term applied to the use of massage-like maneuvers to treat all kinds of joint pains from the ankle to the back, neck and arms. One very interesting chiropractic practice of Chinese origin is for pain in the ankle due to dislocation or just general joint pain in that area. It actually works like a home remedy because you can give it a try by yourself without having to rely on the expertise of a chiropractor. All you need is a relatively large bottle such as a 1L bottle of soda (preferably hard plastic or glass) and a flat surface to place it on.

Simply roll the bottle to its side and then place your foot on top of it and start rolling the bottle with your foot. Try to bear the pain as much as you can, but don’t strain yourself. Do this for about five minutes and you should notice a huge difference – chances are that your dislocated ankle will pop back into place.

Exercise Caution

Of course, you should always exercise caution when trying out chiropractic maneuvers. It is always in your best interest to schedule an appointment with a professional.