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Doctorate Degree In Chinese Medicine

Ever thought that traditional and alternative medicine was dying out with all the newfangled medical breakthroughs in the realm of regular medical science? Well, it turns out that at least some universities actually recognize the value of alternative medicine with Northwestern Health Sciences University announcing that it will offer a doctorate degree in Chinese medicine to its students. Naturally, you don’t have to be Chinese to take up this doctorate degree. Basically, the course will blend in traditional approaches to medicine with actual modern techniques and applications. In other words, blending in the old with the new. If you are an enthusiast of chiropractic techniques and treatment, this is probably nothing new to you. After all, chiropractic practice may have its roots in traditional medicine, but several scientific research studies have already shown how effective and safe it can be as an alternative treatment for headaches, backaches and other aches and pains.

The Chinese Medicine Doctorate program will be offered in Minnesota and of course, it is the first of its kind. According to Christina Jonovic, DC, the program director for acupuncture and Chinese medicine program, ““We’re seeing a great interest in understanding and applying the tools of traditional healing, especially in combination with modern health-care services offered in clinics and hospitals.”´

You may probably be aware of acupuncture from media and even from old Chinese movies. Similar in origin to the cupping technique featured in the iconic movie, “The Karate Kid,” acupuncture makes use of sterilized needles which are pierced into the skin into various parts of the body – essentially making the patient look like a human pin cushion. It might look dangerous, painful, and definitely scary, but it is actually relatively safe as long as the practitioner is aware of what he/she is doing.

Acupuncture has actually been known to cure anything from a stuffy nose and headaches to high blood pressure. The traditional explanation for acupuncture involves the flow of the energy of life called “chi” inside the body and how the needles are used to activate meridian points in order to facilitate the flow of chi and restore balance to the body. In this sense, it is a bit like chiropractic treatment wherein the goal is to restore balance to the body and enable it to heal itself by removing any subluxations in the spine.

However, a more scientific reason also exists. Neuroscience may be used to explain the benefits of acupuncture treatment and why it works. By stimulating certain points in the nerves and connective tissue, blood flow can be restored into affected areas and it also induces the body to produce some of its natural painkillers.

In any case, in Bloomington, MN, the Northwestern Health Sciences University is set to start offering its new Doctor of Chinese Medicine program starting January of next year.