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Doctorate Degree In Chinese Medicine

Ever thought that traditional and alternative medicine was dying out with all the newfangled medical breakthroughs in the realm of regular medical science? Well, it turns out that at least some universities actually recognize the value of alternative medicine with Northwestern Health Sciences University announcing that it will offer a doctorate degree in Chinese medicine to its students. Naturally, you don’t have to be Chinese to take up this doctorate degree. Basically, the course will blend in traditional approaches to medicine with actual modern techniques and applications. In other words, blending in the old with the new. If you are an enthusiast of chiropractic techniques and treatment, this is probably nothing new to you. After all, chiropractic practice may have its roots in traditional medicine, but several scientific research studies have already shown how effective and safe it can be as an alternative treatment for headaches, backaches and other aches and pains.

The Chinese Medicine Doctorate program will be offered in Minnesota and of course, it is the first of its kind. According to Christina Jonovic, DC, the program director for acupuncture and Chinese medicine program, ““We’re seeing a great interest in understanding and applying the tools of traditional healing, especially in combination with modern health-care services offered in clinics and hospitals.”´

You may probably be aware of acupuncture from media and even from old Chinese movies. Similar in origin to the cupping technique featured in the iconic movie, “The Karate Kid,” acupuncture makes use of sterilized needles which are pierced into the skin into various parts of the body – essentially making the patient look like a human pin cushion. It might look dangerous, painful, and definitely scary, but it is actually relatively safe as long as the practitioner is aware of what he/she is doing.

Acupuncture has actually been known to cure anything from a stuffy nose and headaches to high blood pressure. The traditional explanation for acupuncture involves the flow of the energy of life called “chi” inside the body and how the needles are used to activate meridian points in order to facilitate the flow of chi and restore balance to the body. In this sense, it is a bit like chiropractic treatment wherein the goal is to restore balance to the body and enable it to heal itself by removing any subluxations in the spine.

However, a more scientific reason also exists. Neuroscience may be used to explain the benefits of acupuncture treatment and why it works. By stimulating certain points in the nerves and connective tissue, blood flow can be restored into affected areas and it also induces the body to produce some of its natural painkillers.

In any case, in Bloomington, MN, the Northwestern Health Sciences University is set to start offering its new Doctor of Chinese Medicine program starting January of next year.

Things You Need To Know About Chiropractic

Does Chiropractic Actually Help?

While Chiropractic practice has gone a long way since the days when people thought of chiropractor as nothing more than glorified quack doctors. There is still a lot of misinformation going around about chiropractic and how clients can benefit from this non-invasive form of treatment. From the treatment of lower back pain to injury recovery and even aiding in restoring mobility and flexibility, people from all walks of life stand to benefit greatly from a chiropractic adjustment – that is, if they are willing to give it a try.

Is Chiropractic Pseudo Science?

This is a very damaging myth that must be quickly dispelled. Many people claim (and without proof merely stating an assertion) that chiropractic is not a recommended form of medical treatment because it is simply pseudo science.  However, nothing could be further from the truth. The whole practice of chiropractic is based upon adjustments in the spine of the body using external, non-invasive maneuvers.

A licensed chiropractor is trained to find subluxations or irregularities in the alignment of the spine. It is based on the theory that a sound muscoskeletal structure results in sound health over-al. A healthy spine leads to a healthy body and it also helps in the body’s natural healing process. Chiropractic is not a pseudo-science because chiropractors actually spend up to four years in college studying the anatomical structure, particularly, the muscoskeletal structure of the body. This is the same anatomy that biologists, nurses, and doctors are required to study as well.

What Is Chiropractic Good For?

As far as effectiveness goes, chiropractic is best used for people with joint pain, neck pain, and lower back pain. By using precise spinal manipulations, chiropractors are able to realign the spine and bones of the body without resorting to invasive surgery. Furthermore, as far as pain relief goes, chiropractic is a far safer alternative to taking pain relievers such as mefenamic acid because it does not involve taking anything into the body at all.

Of course, no licensed chiropractor will just jump right in and give you a spinal manipulation right away. It is important for your chiropractor to be informed about your medical history and whether you may have particular sensitive bones or any problems with your joints. Furthermore, a preliminary examination of your condition is necessary before your chiropractor will proceed with any spinal manipulation.

Is It Painful?

It may look painful, but chiropractic is actually surprisingly satisfying. There may be a sudden jolt or shock as it involves the use of a sudden burst of force in order to set any spinal subluxations back into place, but it is very rare for even the most sensitive clients to complain about any actual pain.

Who Should Avoid Chiropractic?

If you have thinner bones due to oesteoporosis or if you have a history of problems with your spinal cord, as well as inflammatory arthritis, then chiropractic care could be risky for you. In any event, as long as you get clearance from your medical doctor first, you should be safe to undergo chiropractic adjustment.

Chiropractic Practice Around The World

While chiropractic practice is largely regulated and standardized in the US, not all countries have the same view on what should be considered as appropriate for inclusion in chiropractic practice. In fact, there are many practices in the field of chiropractic that a lot of people here in the US would find strange. In some countries, chiropractic is still largely connected to mysticism and even the belief in magic.

With that said, we took a look at some of the most interesting instances of bizarre or just somewhat interesting chiropractic practice from all around the world.

Unregulated But Effective Chiropractic Work In The Philippines

In the Philippines, both massage and chiropractic practice are heavily linked to Chinese mysticism and the belief in chi or that inner heat/source of energy that revolves all around a person’s body. This is why when you go to get a massage in the Philippines, the therapist you have been assigned to will try to find all the muscle knots in your body and to free the trapped heat and allow it to escape through your head. Believe it or not, you can actually feel heat escaping your head this way – whether this is can be explained by simple anatomy or if it is a product of the inner force called “chi” is really up to you. Regardless, you will find that massage therapists in the Philippines are very efficient at giving you a relaxing, deep tissue massage.

The same process is applied in chiropractic work. The chiropractor may have come from a family of chiropractors with no actual formal training or in recent times, from a vocational school founded by a traditional chiropractor and subsequently sanctioned and licensed through government accreditation. In any case, expect to find some mysticism mixed in with actual sound science whenever you get chiropractic care in the Philippines.

Chinese Chiropractic For Foot Pain

While here in the US, we are used to categorizing reflexology as a whole different practice, in many parts of the world, chiropractic in general is the term applied to the use of massage-like maneuvers to treat all kinds of joint pains from the ankle to the back, neck and arms. One very interesting chiropractic practice of Chinese origin is for pain in the ankle due to dislocation or just general joint pain in that area. It actually works like a home remedy because you can give it a try by yourself without having to rely on the expertise of a chiropractor. All you need is a relatively large bottle such as a 1L bottle of soda (preferably hard plastic or glass) and a flat surface to place it on.

Simply roll the bottle to its side and then place your foot on top of it and start rolling the bottle with your foot. Try to bear the pain as much as you can, but don’t strain yourself. Do this for about five minutes and you should notice a huge difference – chances are that your dislocated ankle will pop back into place.

Exercise Caution

Of course, you should always exercise caution when trying out chiropractic maneuvers. It is always in your best interest to schedule an appointment with a professional.

What Is Chiropractic Practice?

Are you suffering from aches and pains in your joints? Do you have chronic back pain that seemed to just develop one day? If so, then you might want to consider seeing a chiropractor for relief.

In fact, because chiropractic practice deals directly with the muscoskeletal structure and the spine using massaging maneuvers, many people report experiencing almost instant relief from their symptoms upon seeing a chiropractor. Of course, the problem is that many people still hold the common misconception that chiropractic practice is akin to seeing a quack doctor and that it is not a valid, legitimate scientifically-based profession. This is not true at all.

Chiropractic Treatment is Alternative Treatment

What is true about chiropractic practice is that it is a form of alternative treatment. Without using x-rays or any invasive surgical procedures, the chiropractor works from outside of the body using massaging maneuvers in order to set the bones of the body into place.

The American Chiropractic Association

The leading organization for chiropractic practice in America is the ACA (American Chiropractic Association). The association is actively involved in chiropractic practice all across the US and has members across all 50 states wherein chiropractic practice is licensed. The ACA is actively involved in educating its members, lobbying for positive legislation in favor of chiropractic practice in the US, as well as engaging in meaningful research in the field of chiropractic practice. An ACA chiropractor therefore, is your best bet when you are searching for a professional chiropractor.

Chiropractic Practice Is A Licensed Practice

As mentioned before, while chiropractic practice is considered to be alternative treatment, it is not some hocus pocus with no scientific basis. This is why chiropractic practice is licensed across all 50 states in the US and in 30 countries worldwide. Of course, because the practice is licensed differently across the different states, there are variations in the level of training of licensed chiropractors depending on which state you are in. California also has its own chiropractic licensing board whose rules and regulations can be perused right here:

In the State of California, licensed chiropractors need to undergo 4400 hours of education and training in a board-approved chiropractic school before they can be allowed to take the licensure exam and become a licensed chiropractor.

Scientifically Proven Benefits Of Chiropractic Treatment

But in case you think that chiropractic treatment has no approved therapeutic claims, then you would be quite wrong in your assumption. There are actual proven benefits of getting chiropractic treatment and these include:

  1. A Natural Remedy For Sciatica

Studies have shown that instead of relying on costly medical treatment, a chiropractic adjustment is a more natural remedy for inducing relief from back pain. Clinical trials have been reported to have a 72% success rate in relieving back pain as reported in published findings by the European Spine Journal. In contrast, physical therapy with drug use only reports a 20% success rate. Meanwhile, corticosteroid injections have a more sizable 50% success rate. Clearly, the more natural method of chiropractic adjustment has a significant edge.

  1. Neck Pain

In an independent study on subjects with neck pain, the patients reported a whopping  96% “very satisfied” rating while 98% indicated that they would definitely choose chiropractic treatment/care again to relieve their symptoms.

A 2003 study yielded favorable results for neck pain as well. The British Medical Journal published this study and it was found that out of 183 subjects with neck pain who were randomly allocated to manual therapy, exercise, or general practitioner care involving counseling with education and drugs over a 52-week period resulted in a faster recovery period for those who received manual therapy or chiropractic adjustments than either exercise and general practitioner care.

  1. Lower Back Pain

Several studies across 2008 to 2011 show that spinal manipulation using chiropractic techniques is effective for treating lower back pain. More details on the studies can be perused here:

Furthermore, when performed by a licensed practitioner, scientists conclude that spinal manipulation for lower back pain is relatively safe with the most common side effects being merely temporary soreness.


Types of Chiropractic Treatments

Thinking of getting chiropractic treatment for back pain, neck pain, joint pain, or other symptoms? Then you should probably familiarize yourself with chiropractic adjustments and what they entail before you continue. After all, in this day and age of instant information at your fingertips, no one should have an excuse not to be armed with the right amount of information before venturing into new territory.

Manipulation Of The Spine

The most common method of treatment used by chiropractors is spinal manipulation, which, as the name implies involves manipulation of the spine. This type of chiropractic treatment can actually be traced back to China. Still, a spinal manipulation or adjustment may refer to any number of chiropractic adjustments that involve the manipulation of the spine. There are more specific techniques that you should be aware of.

High Velocity Low Amplitude (HLVA Thrust)

The main technique used in applying chiropractic adjustments is a sudden hand thrust. It is present in all traditional chiropractic techniques. In modern jargon, this hand thrust is referred to as an HLVA thrust or a high velocity low amplitude thrust.

The Toggle-Drop Method (Diversified Technique)

Many chiropractors employ the toggle-drop method when applying chiropractic treatment. This can seem like a violent procedure when viewed by a spectator, but it actually involves the controlled use of force in order to make a spinal adjustment. The toggle drop method is used by licensed chiropractors not only in the US, but all across the world as well.

At a glance, the toggle-drop method is done by pressing one of the hands firmly on the part of the spine that needs to be adjusted. Then, a quick, controlled hand-thrust is employed in order to make the spinal adjustment. In other words, the toggle-drop method is simply the application of an HLVA thrust on the affected area directly without the use of any specialized tables, chairs, or other instruments.

This method can relieve pressure immediately if there are any trapped nerves near the vertebral joints. It can help to increase the mobility of the joints in this area.

The Table Drop Method (Thompson Terminal Point Drop)

The table drop method is similar to the toggle-drop method in that it also makes use of quick thrusts in order to deliver spinal adjustments. The difference is that it uses a special chiropractor’s table that has sections that can be moved up or down depending on the way your body is positioned on it. Quick thrusts are applied and the corresponding section of the battle drops with each thrust.

Gonstead Adjustment

The Gonstead Adjustment still makes use of HLVA thrusts. A special cervical chair or chest-knee table is used in order to aid the chiropractor in identifying the problem area where the HLVA adjustment will be applied.

The Activator Method

The activator method involves using a special spring-loaded tool called an “Activator,” as its namesake implies. This is a widely-used and accepted chiropractic technique that you will see in common use from chiropractors all across the US. Its proponents  proclaim that this method is widely researched with 23 actual clinical trials performed which prove its efficacy. Furthermore, peer-reviewed research published in scientific journals also support this method. There are actually several types of instruments that fall under the category of an “activator,” even though they all perform the same function. You can think of the differences between these instruments as the same as the differences between different brands of Tennis Rackets.

The main advantage of using the activator in order to deliver the HLVA thrust is that the pressure and amount of power is kept constant and localized to a particular area rather than relying mainly on the skills of the chiropractor – which is always subject to human error. Furthermore, the HLVA thrust of an activator is faster and more energy-efficient than anything the human hand can deliver. This means that the body of the patient is less likely to tense up as a response to the thrust rather than a slower HLVA thrust delivered by a human being.

Top 8 Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment

Ever fancied undergoing a chiropractic adjustment? Unless you have some severe aches and pains in your back and neck area, the answer is probably no. However, more and more people are discovering the many benefits of chiropractic treatment not only to relieve neck ache and back pain, but for over-all wellness as well. Do you have chronic pain in your hips? Your legs? Or some other body part? Are you suffering from poor digestion and metabolism? A simple chiropractic adjustment may be able to work wonders for your condition.

Here are just some of the many benefits of chiropractic treatment:

Pain Relief

Certainly, neck and back pain are always among the top reasons why you would seek chiropractic treatment, but these are not the end-all and be-all of chiropractic adjustment. In fact, spinal manipulations are so effective that they have been found to be more effective than medication in the treatment of certain types of pain, including severe neck pain. Headaches, frozen shoulders, scoliosis, and even ear infections may all be treated effectively with chiropractic adjustment.

Low Risk, High Reward

If you are a gambler, then you will love the low risk, high reward nature of chiropractic adjustment. The reward of course is that you will feel immediate pain relief after chiropractic treatment. The worst that can happen to you after a chiropractic adjustment is that there may be some soreness at the site of the adjustment. The good news is that this is merely a temporary setback and it is only in very rare cases wherein the chiropractic treatment actually worsens the pain.

Care For Cancer Related Pain

While it would be a stretch to claim that chiropractic treatment can actually be used as an alternative form of cancer treatment, this may not be so far-fetched. To set things straight, no, chiropractic adjustment cannot cure cancer. However, for people suffering from cancer-related pain in their joints, chiropractic adjustment works as a form of alternative, drug-free treatment.

Non-Invasive Treatment

Chiropractic adjustments do not use drugs nor is it a form of invasive surgery. This means that the treatment can be administered very quickly and without any damage to your body’s cells. Chiropractic adjustments are made by applying specific maneuvers that exert pressure on certain parts of the body – usually the neck and back area.

Your Gateway To A Healthy Lifestyle

Ever wanted to get started on a healthy lifestyle? Getting a chiropractic adjustment done can be the first step towards this. First of all, if you are experiencing pain in your neck, lower back, or any of your joints, a chiropractor can perform some specific adjustments to alleviate pain in these areas.  Secondly, a chiropractor can also advise you on proper exercise and nutrition for your particular age, weight, and body type.

Prevents Muscoskeletal Problems

Even if you do not have any particular problems with your back nor neck area, a chiropractic adjustment can also work as a way of optimizing and aligning your spinal column perfectly. This can help to prevent muscle stiffness, stiff neck, joint pain, poor digestion, pinched nerves and other similar problems.


Is your back feeling a bit sore after a hard day’s work? Try going to a chiropractor instead of a massage parlor. A chiropractor’s clinic is generally designed to be a relaxing place and feels a lot like you are inside a massage parlor. Simply relax and let your worries sink away while your chiropractor works on addressing the sore spots in your back.

Addressing The Main Source Of Pain

Chiropractic adjustments are not made to target any particular symptoms. It is a more direct type of treatment and thus, a chiropractor can directly target the source of pain in the patient. This is advantageous for you if you want some instant relief. If you have a headache for example, seeing a chiropractor may be a better option than downing that painkiller.


Guidelines For Going Vegetarian

Planning to go for an all veggie diet? If you have been hooked onto the appeal of the vegan trend lately, then you are not alone. More and more people are engaging into healthier lifestyles and eating clean, whole, plant-based foods. In this day and age, it has become trendy to be healthy – and that’s a good thing. After all, with all the stress that we all have to deal with in our daily lives from the traffic going to and from work, the daily office grind, and the threat of impending deadlines and quotas to be met, you do need to keep fit and healthy or else your body’s systems could break down resulting in hospital bills and more sources of stress.

With that said, while a vegetarian diet can indeed be healthy, it is important to keep watch of your daily nutritional needs so that you don’t eat yourself to the grave. Because you will not be consuming meat and/or animal-based products (depending on how strict your vegetarian diet will be. Some vegans even shun cheese, butter, milk and other animal-based products completely), you need to be able  to find an alternative source for the proteins that you would normally acquire from these animal-based foods with some vegan-friendly source. If you are at a loss as to how this can be done, then keep reading, because we have some recommendations for helping you achieve that well-balanced vegan diet.

The Basics

In a vegetarian diet, you don’t have to limit yourself to just apples, oranges, grapes and veggies such as potatoes, carrots and tomatoes. There are many more plant-based food sources that you should be looking into such as grains, beans, nuts and if you’re not that strict about it, include some dairy products as well for the added protein.

The Right Portions

Personalizing the food that you take in as a vegan is a good way to ensure that you have a balanced diet that is just right for you. If you try to be all mathematical about it and refer to all the different guides out there based on your age, height, weight, sex, etc. you may very come up with a well-balanced diet, but just how practical is it really to run through all these numbers on a daily basis? Unless you plan to become some kind of glorified food accountant, going by numbers isn’t exactly the best plan of action. So how do you do it?

Simple, there are ways to get the roughly correct measurements for you just by using some of your body parts. So let’s get started.

First of all, you will need some carbs, which you can get from grains, pasta, rice and of course, the ever-popular potato. Do remember not to peel your potatoes and wash the skin but keep it on when you cook to maximize the amount of nutrients that you get. In any case, for carbs, you should include at least a fistful at every meal – and this means your fist and not someone else’s.

Secondly, some plant proteins are in order. A serving of rice and any type of beans will actually form one complete protein. Other plant-based sources of protein include tofu and pulses. Include a portion the size of the palm of your hand with each meal.

Third, nuts and seeds add some much-needed micronutrients to your diet. Include at least a handful at each meal.

To supplement your meal with additional protein and micronutrients, peanut butter and other plant-based spreads work very well. Include a portion about the size of the tip of your thumb.

Finally, you can add some desserts such as brownies every now and then but not at every meal. Take in no more than the size of 2 of your fingers.

Snack items like cheese, popcorn, and rice crisps may also be taken on occasion, but try to keep things in moderation and don’t exceed more than two handfuls of these when you do have them.


The Effectiveness of Chiropractic Care For Back Pain

One of the major selling points of chiropractic care is that it works wonders for back pain. If you are experiencing any type of soreness, stiffness, or pain in your lower back or even any part of your back, you might want to look into chiropractic practice in order to relieve any tension in your back and allow your body to naturally heal itself.

The Body’s Healing Factor?

Are you a fan of comic books? Have you ever heard of Marvel’s Wolverine? He’s a member of the X-men and has a pretty interesting origin story. Also, he is the first official Canadian superhero. With that said, Wolverine’s main natural superpower is his mutant healing factor. Basically, his body can recover from just about anything – even being shot in the head with a gun or having his bones broken in multiple places.

Well, while probably not to that extent, the human body is an amazing piece of work that has the ability to heal itself naturally. Of course, when certain nerves become trapped or if the spinal cord becomes misaligned (called vertebral subluxations), then this prevents or delays the body’s natural healing factor.

This is the basis of all chiropractic treatment: that the body’s natural healing factor can in fact heal many types of illnesses and pain, but that it needs to be given the proper environment in order to do so. In other words, the human body needs to be in the optimal condition in order to heal itself. A chiropractor’s task therefore, is to provide the body with said optimal condition.

Diagnosis Before Treatment

Chiropractic treatment is totally safe for the treatment of back pain. The main reason for this is that no professional licensed chiropractor will ever treat your back pain without an accurate diagnosis first. Before you are allowed to undergo a spinal adjustment, you will need to be put through some tests in order to properly diagnose the source of your back and/or neck pain. If you want to undergo chiropractic treatment for maintenance of good health, you will need clearance as well. At the very least, you need to be medically approved by a licensed MD before you can be allowed to undergo any chiropractic procedure.

Non-Invasive Treatment

One of the biggest advantages of chiropractic adjustment is that it is a non-invasive type of treatment that does not rely on drugs. Unlike invasive surgery, the techniques used in chiropractic maneuvers are all based on external inputs. This is done by either applying mild pressure to certain areas of the body or massage-like techniques intended to correct any subluxations in the spinal cord. Chiropractic techniques may also be used to relieve muscle and joint pain by releasing any trapped nerves in the affected area.

It is actually a more natural method of treatment than downing a painkiller.

What Can I Expect During Chiropractic Adjustment?

You should be mentally prepared when you undergo chiropractic adjustment so that you are not taken by surprise. The actual maneuver may involve the use of a controlled sudden application of force in a particular area of the back. This is intended to correct any spinal misalignment. It might seem violent,  but do keep in mind that your chiropractor is an experienced professional and knows exactly where to apply the force as well as how much.

But Is It Effective?

There are many studies that show how chiropractic treatment is actually an effective form of treatment for many types of ailments. However, the most well-documented and well-researched areas would be in the treatment of lower back pain, herniated discs, as well as relief from neck pain.

The Actual Researched Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Have you heard about all the benefits of chiropractic care? If you haven’t, then let us be the first to inform you that it is definitely not just all about your neck and back. In fact, chiropractic care covers a whole range of researched benefits that many people are not aware of. Even if you do not feel any pain or sores in your back and neck area in particular, seeking chiropractic treatment can help in the prevention of a lot of complications in the future due to a misaligned spine that you may not be aware of. In this article, we will cover some frequently asked questions and attempt to demystify the chiropractic process for you.

Is It Based On Actual Science?

Contrary to popular belief, the reality is that yes, modern chiropractic treatments are definitely based on sound science including the physiology and anatomy of the human body. While it is still classified as a form of alternative medicine, this does not relegate chiropractic treatment to the realm of witch doctors and shamanic beliefs. The reality is that all modern chiropractic adjustments rely on the actually physics of the human body – particularly the veins and their relation to the spinal cord.

How Do Chiropractic Adjustments Work?

The majority of all chiropractic adjustments are based on the sound alignment of the spinal cord. By correcting any misalignments in the spine, a chiropractor basically boosts the patient’s natural healing capacity and puts the body in the best position to heal itself from a variety of ailments. The chiropractor’s duty therefore is to place the body in the best condition in order to allow it to naturally heal itself without relying on drugs. This is why proper nutrition and exercise are now included as a part of the curriculum for all chiropractors in training in the US.

Can Chiropractic Treatment Alleviate Headaches?

Yes, of course. Chiropractic adjustment can be used to treat tension headaches as well as migraine headaches. There are actually over 230 peer-reviewed articles that reference the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment for alleviating headache pain. The studies so far show that aside from taking drugs and invasive surgery, chiropractic adjustment is unmatched when it comes to relieving headache pain.

Is it a safe treatment for hypertension?

Amazingly, the answer is yes. According to a research conducted by the Human Journal of Hypertension,  one upper cervical adjustment is just as effective as taking two blood pressure lowering drugs. Furthermore, the effects of the adjustment lasted more than six months. Also, hypertension isn’t the only area that chiropractic adjustment has been shown to be effective in. It has also been found that low blood pressure can actually be raised back to normal levels via chiropractic adjustment. Therefore, chiropractic treatment is a safe, drugless method of treating both hypertension and hypotension.

What Are Vertebral Subluxations?

To put it simply, these are misalignments in the spine and the majority of spinal adjustments using chiropractic techniques are aimed towards removing these subluxations.

What Techniques Are Used in Chiropractic Treatment?

All of the techniques in chiropractic treatment involve external treatments through the application of either hands-on techniques or with the use of certain devices such as the “activator” which allows the chiropractor to target certain areas more accurately. Manipulation using massage-like maneuvers are also used in order to coax any subluxations in the spine back to normal. Joints that have been damaged by tissue injury as well as trapped veins may also be relieved from tension using  manipulation techniques.

What Are The Risks of Injury From Chiropractic Adjustment?

It is very rare. This is because before you can undergo chiropractic treatment, tests will need to be run to see if you are suitable and it is recommended that you get a medical doctor’s approval before undergoing a spinal adjustment.

Lesser-Known Benefits Of Massage

At this point, you are probably already well aware of the many benefits of massage therapy – or at least some of them. After all, there is nothing like a good, relaxing massage on the weekend or even during the weekdays after a hard day put into the daily grind at the office. With that said, you might not be aware of some of the more subtle benefits of massage. It definitely does way more good for you than just helping you to relax and sleep well at night. If you are not already enthused to get a relaxing massage every now and then, well you should be after reading this article. Here are some of the more subtle, often understated benefits of massage.

Easing Muscle Pain

Muscle pain caused by stress and repeated strain on a particular body part can actually be relieved by a simple massage. As long as you are not suffering from any pinched nerve, which is really within the realm of chiropractic treatment, then getting a good massage for something like a stiff neck or sore shoulders can actually be quite therapeutic. The reason for this is the gentle maneuvers used in massage helps in blood circulation and in effect, relieves pain. It’s very much like how when you rub your knee after scraping it against something, it helps to ease the pain. Furthermore, in a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, it was found that massage is actually just as effective as other forms of treatment for back pain.

Immunity Booster

As hard as it might be to believe, a simple massage can actually boost your body’s natural immune function. When you undergo a massage, the process actually boosts your body’s white blood cell count. This is documented in a study published in the Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. In fact, it has even been found that massage has immune-boosting benefits.

Relieving Headache

There’s nothing like a good massage to ease the tension in your neck and shoulders. Also, did you know that a massage can help to get rid of a headache.  The next time that you experience a headache, don’t be so quick to take those painkillers. Instead, try scheduling a massage with a massage parlor. Depending on your massage therapist, you may be able to specific which parts of the body to focus on. If possible, tell the massage therapist that you have a headache and therefore, you want the focus of the message to be on the head, neck and shoulder area. A good head massage should also involve the bridge of the nose, the sides of the face and the eyes (keep them closed, of course).

Massage has been proven to be very effective for relieving tension headaches in particular.

Relieving Shoulder and Neck Stress

Because you probably sit down in front of a computer in an office environment most of the time (most of us do), you are probably prone to experiencing stiffness and tension in those areas. A good massage can help to relieve this and also correct your posture. Pain or weakness in the lower back area can be the result of staying in a sitting position seated in front of a desk all day. Fortunately, a nice, relaxing massage can melt all that stress away.

Easing Anxiety and Depression

While many people are still dismissive about anxiety and depression, if you have experienced it before, then you should know how real it can get. Because of the therapeutic benefits of simple human touch, massage therapy has been shown to ease anxiety and depression particularly in women who have breast cancer and who are prone to being irritable and angry.