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Nutrition for sport and exercise

Despite America’s worsening obesity problem, the reality is that the members of the younger generation are actually more health-conscious than their predecessors. In fact, one of the most misunderstood generations, the Millennials have actually been found to be very health-conscious – and this has affected everything from the way the food industry advertises their products, to the sale of sports and exercise equipment. Making healthy diet and lifestyle choices is part and parcel of being a Millennial. This may sound like a bold claim, but it is one that is backed up by actual scientific data. According to research from the Halo Group, 5 percent of adults born after 1978 consult either a nutritionist, dietician (58%), family or friends (57%) or a personal trainer (54%) about about their food choices. Furthermore, data trends from Google show that over 3.9 million video views come from health and wellness related videos from turmeric and apple cider vinegar to avocado oil.

If you feel challenged by this data, then you should get started on your health and wellness journey as soon as possible. Start with a good diet plan for your new active and healthy lifestyle.

“We should all aim to eat a healthy, varied diet based on the principles of the Eatwell Guide, which matches our energy needs. This advice still applies when taking part in regular physical activity, such as going to the gym, swimming, running, cycling or team sports.”

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Via British Nutrition Foundation


10 Types Of Herbal Tea To Cure Headaches

If you live the typical American lifestyle, then you are probably prone to headaches every few weeks or so. For this reason, your medical cabinet is probably stocked with headache tablets and general painkillers to help you get through those occasional joint aches and pains. You may already be aware of this, but even though painkillers definitely do the job fast, they are not exactly doing your health a favor. The more medication that you take in, the more of a strain that you are putting on your body’s cells – this in turn puts you at risk of inflammation which could result in chronic diseases.

For this reason, alternative medicine and all-natural solutions are slowly gaining ground on the American market. For headaches in particular, you might be surprised to learn that just a good old sip of specific types of tea can actually clear your head and get rid of that migraine once and for all. Unlike medication, tea is a natural drink that also acts as a filter and gets rid of the toxins in your body aside from other health benefits. Furthermore, there are several types of herbal teas that you can try in order to help soothe your headache.

Headaches are one of the most common health problems that every other person suffers from. Sometimes the condition gets so worse that it even leads to nausea and vomiting.

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Via Boldsky Limitless Living

Learning to Relax With Chiropractic

Feeling stressed out lately?  A few specific lifestyle changes can really help out. Try downsizing and getting rid of your stressors. The keyword here is “relaxation.” Of course, in the hustle and bustle of modern living, many of us have become way too involved in the rat race of life to think about relaxation. There are numerous deadlines to be met, bills to be paid, installments on your car, insurance premiums due soon. The ironic part here is that we often do all these  things in order to secure a better life for the future while unwittingly destroying our own lives in the present.

Stop for a moment and re-learn the art of relaxation. Most importantly, learn how you can neutralize stress and how much chiropractic care can help. You may find this a bit surprising, but getting chiropractic care even when you don’t feel any specific aches and pains in your body can actually reduce stress quite a lot and help you relax.

The demands of modern American life leave many of us feeling anxious, stressed, and out of control. It seems that always there is more to do and less time to do it. And that’s not good. Such stress contributes to high blood pressure, heart disease, ulcers, headaches, depression, and “nervous breakdown,” to mention only a few stress-related physical and mental problems. Even backache may be brought on or worsened by a hectic lifestyle. Chiropractic doctors see such problems day in and day out. They see that the pressure cooker lives we lead keep many of us ailing with one chronic condition or another most of the time.

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Soothe & Prevent Headaches With The Power of Touch

Do you have a chronic headache problem? One simple way to relieve you of your problem is a simple massage. There are many methods of massage that target specific areas of the body. In fact, most massage therapists/parlors will have a “head massage” option. Even barber shops offer this treatment. Very often, your barber will give you a free massage at the end of your haircut or hot oil treatment.

With that said, a more specific type of tactile treatment (touch-based) for relieving your headache is with trigger-point therapy. Basically, this type of treatment will be targeting specific pressure points on your head and neck area so that you feel some relief. Touch-based therapy is often preferable to downing a 500mg dose of mefenamic acid. This is because touch treatment is natural, drug free, and also trains your body to become more resilient to aches and pains in the future. The best part is that this isn’t some witch doctor hocus pocus. New studies now indicate that massage based on trigger-point therapy is actually effective for getting rid of chronic headache.

Every year, 45 million people suffer from chronic headaches (28 million from migraines) and more than 10 million people visit a doctor or [emergency room] because of a headache, according to the Academy of Pain Medicine.

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Via Massage Magazine

What Chiropractors Can Do for You (and What They Can’t)

Have you ever heard of chiropractic treatment for back, neck, and joint pain? Have you ever had any chiropractic adjustments done on you? If you haven’t, then you should seriously consider paying a visit to a licensed chiropractor the next time that you suffer from back pain. In this article, we will discuss some of the many things that a chiropractor can do for you. Also, we will cover the things that your chiropractor cannot do for you.

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Types of Chiropractic Treatments

Thinking of getting chiropractic treatment for back pain, neck pain, joint pain, or other symptoms? Then you should probably familiarize yourself with chiropractic adjustments and what they entail before you continue. After all, in this day and age of instant information at your fingertips, no one should have an excuse not to be armed with the right amount of information before venturing into new territory.

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Nutrition’s Role In Chiropractic Care

You may be forgiven for thinking that chiropractic care is just all about spinal adjustments and technical manipulation of the joints and nerves – especially in the spine area, but you would actually be wrong. Most people do not realize this but nutrition also plays a big role in chiropractic care as well as exercise as well as advising the patient how to live a healthy lifestyle in general.
Chiropractors understand that a big part of healthcare deals with the kind of food that we eat for the kind of lives we lead. Proper nutritional habit is essential in order to live a healthy, fulfilled and functional life.

In modern times, many of us live active lifestyles and even go to the gym regularly, but not all of us pay enough attention to proper nutrition. Sometimes, the food that you choose to eat on a daily basis can spell the difference between success or failure at your exercise goals.

Many of us do not have the proper knowledge to maintain proper nutrition habits, as we are unaware of what types of food help certain body parts or processes. Additionally, we are inundated with foods that are filled with processed components, fillers, preservatives, and other harmful ingredients that contribute to poor health outcomes.

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Via The Joint Chiropractic