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Soothe & Prevent Headaches With The Power of Touch

Do you have a chronic headache problem? One simple way to relieve you of your problem is a simple massage. There are many methods of massage that target specific areas of the body. In fact, most massage therapists/parlors will have a “head massage” option. Even barber shops offer this treatment. Very often, your barber will give you a free massage at the end of your haircut or hot oil treatment.

With that said, a more specific type of tactile treatment (touch-based) for relieving your headache is with trigger-point therapy. Basically, this type of treatment will be targeting specific pressure points on your head and neck area so that you feel some relief. Touch-based therapy is often preferable to downing a 500mg dose of mefenamic acid. This is because touch treatment is natural, drug free, and also trains your body to become more resilient to aches and pains in the future. The best part is that this isn’t some witch doctor hocus pocus. New studies now indicate that massage based on trigger-point therapy is actually effective for getting rid of chronic headache.

Every year, 45 million people suffer from chronic headaches (28 million from migraines) and more than 10 million people visit a doctor or [emergency room] because of a headache, according to the Academy of Pain Medicine.

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Via Massage Magazine