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What Is Chiropractic Practice?

Are you suffering from aches and pains in your joints? Do you have chronic back pain that seemed to just develop one day? If so, then you might want to consider seeing a chiropractor for relief.

In fact, because chiropractic practice deals directly with the muscoskeletal structure and the spine using massaging maneuvers, many people report experiencing almost instant relief from their symptoms upon seeing a chiropractor. Of course, the problem is that many people still hold the common misconception that chiropractic practice is akin to seeing a quack doctor and that it is not a valid, legitimate scientifically-based profession. This is not true at all.

Chiropractic Treatment is Alternative Treatment

What is true about chiropractic practice is that it is a form of alternative treatment. Without using x-rays or any invasive surgical procedures, the chiropractor works from outside of the body using massaging maneuvers in order to set the bones of the body into place.

The American Chiropractic Association

The leading organization for chiropractic practice in America is the ACA (American Chiropractic Association). The association is actively involved in chiropractic practice all across the US and has members across all 50 states wherein chiropractic practice is licensed. The ACA is actively involved in educating its members, lobbying for positive legislation in favor of chiropractic practice in the US, as well as engaging in meaningful research in the field of chiropractic practice. An ACA chiropractor therefore, is your best bet when you are searching for a professional chiropractor.

Chiropractic Practice Is A Licensed Practice

As mentioned before, while chiropractic practice is considered to be alternative treatment, it is not some hocus pocus with no scientific basis. This is why chiropractic practice is licensed across all 50 states in the US and in 30 countries worldwide. Of course, because the practice is licensed differently across the different states, there are variations in the level of training of licensed chiropractors depending on which state you are in. California also has its own chiropractic licensing board whose rules and regulations can be perused right here:

In the State of California, licensed chiropractors need to undergo 4400 hours of education and training in a board-approved chiropractic school before they can be allowed to take the licensure exam and become a licensed chiropractor.

Scientifically Proven Benefits Of Chiropractic Treatment

But in case you think that chiropractic treatment has no approved therapeutic claims, then you would be quite wrong in your assumption. There are actual proven benefits of getting chiropractic treatment and these include:

  1. A Natural Remedy For Sciatica

Studies have shown that instead of relying on costly medical treatment, a chiropractic adjustment is a more natural remedy for inducing relief from back pain. Clinical trials have been reported to have a 72% success rate in relieving back pain as reported in published findings by the European Spine Journal. In contrast, physical therapy with drug use only reports a 20% success rate. Meanwhile, corticosteroid injections have a more sizable 50% success rate. Clearly, the more natural method of chiropractic adjustment has a significant edge.

  1. Neck Pain

In an independent study on subjects with neck pain, the patients reported a whopping  96% “very satisfied” rating while 98% indicated that they would definitely choose chiropractic treatment/care again to relieve their symptoms.

A 2003 study yielded favorable results for neck pain as well. The British Medical Journal published this study and it was found that out of 183 subjects with neck pain who were randomly allocated to manual therapy, exercise, or general practitioner care involving counseling with education and drugs over a 52-week period resulted in a faster recovery period for those who received manual therapy or chiropractic adjustments than either exercise and general practitioner care.

  1. Lower Back Pain

Several studies across 2008 to 2011 show that spinal manipulation using chiropractic techniques is effective for treating lower back pain. More details on the studies can be perused here:

Furthermore, when performed by a licensed practitioner, scientists conclude that spinal manipulation for lower back pain is relatively safe with the most common side effects being merely temporary soreness.